Two Apps of Interest – AndroidLost and Splashtop

8 May

Ever lost or misplaced your phone?  There really is nothing to worry about other than any physical damage that may happen to the phone, thanks to an app called AndroidLost.

AndroidLost allows you to take charge of your phone, or any other android device, like a tablet, and perform a host of tasks. Let’s say my phone was actually maliciously stolen. Using a PC, and logging into my AndroidLost account, I could have the GPS location sent to my email account as well as a picture of the “new” owner. If I was simply paranoid about personal information on the phone, I could just “wipe” it clean. As I understand, this activity would occur without the “new” owner knowing anything about it.

Big Brother could be watching you.

Another app of interest for any Mac, PC, or Linux user is Splashtop. Again, using a login from your desktop, and after installing the app on your PC and device, Splashtop allows you to take control of your PC from your phone or tablet. Very interesting, but only useful for some unusual situations.

There are many more out there, but I find these two of particular interest today.


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