Introduction to Epigenetics

10 May

These days there is a distinct lack of personal responsibility. Honestly, personal responsibility is not easy, and it’s so easy to transfer it to someone else.

Beyond the scope of drugs, guns and lawyers, there is the world of DNA. Today we’re told that our DNA controls everything, providing yet one more reason to vanquish personal responsibility.

Welcome to the world of epigenetics. The short explanation of epigenetics is that it is the study of how our bodies can and do, over-ride our DNA signals. The ability to over-ride our DNA can be passed down over generations, or it can be simply a response to other environmental stimulus that we encounter.

I was made aware of this through the PBS program “Ghost In Your Genes”. At the core of the show, they discuss a Swedish study that found a correlation between generations based upon famine. They discuss the way the epigenetic transfer took place to grandchildren, whose grandparents went through famines.

What catches my attention now, even more than it did before is an excerpt from the show from

ANDREW FEINBERG: Epigenetic changes…generally they stand at the cornerstone between our genome—in other words, all of our genes, the development of the cells of our body—and the environment that we live in.

We have no idea what impact there are to future generations based upon what we are doing today to our environment. Perhaps we’re developing epigenetic signals to fight the impact of chemicals in our system. Perhaps we’re not…

And DNA is not the entire picture on how the body deals with the environment.


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