Vernon Hershberger Trial Over Raw Milk

22 May

Vernon Hershberger is a farmer in Wisconsin who raises dairy cattle in the best way that he sees fit. The cattle eat natural grass, are treated humanely, and have little or no hormones, etc. The grass is not treated with herbicides or weedkillers.


What results is a healthy milk product that the local community claims is an important factor in their good health. Mr. Hershberger may be headed for jail.

It appears that Mr. Hershberger is producing milk without a permit or license, and is being prosecuted by the state of Wisconsin.

The trial began this week. It will be interesting to hear what the outcome is, and observe how much media coverage their is on the subject.

Update : 6/19/2013 – In the end, he was fined $1000, and the verdict on raw milk sales in Wisconsin remains an issue.

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