Reconstructing DNA 1Ma Possible

30 Jun

In Canada, DNA that was buried 7,000 centuries ago has been unearthed and reconstructed. The horse bone was protected by permafrost and found in the Yukon. The technique increased the previous limit by a factor of 10. It now may be possible to reconstruct the DNA of mammals that lived 700,000 years ago. 1 Ma represents one million years ago.

Before this work, the oldest genome that had been recovered was that of a Denisovan human who lived 70,000 years ago. The new finding, if accepted, would extend by tenfold the reach of paleogenomics, the study of ancient genomes reconstructed from fossil bones.

DNA has a half-life of 521 years. There is no hope for reconstructing dinosaurs as they went extinct 65Ma. There remains the ability to clone some of the earliest anatomically modern humans, which began 100,000-200,000 (1-2ka) years ago or even easier, Neanderthals found 50,000 years ago in Europe. Of course, we may already have a little Neanderthal in us already.


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