Why Do You Use Sugar?

11 Aug

There are legions of documents on how we developed into the humans we are today with the help of sugar. It does not occur a great deal in nature, yet contains an abundance of energy. (Evolution’s Sweet Tooth)

Industry picked up on this long ago, and has been riding that evolutionary train to profits, as documented in Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. The result has been twofold. One has been the obvious expansion of the consumption of sugar. The other result has been the successful exploitation of a substitute to simulate the same result. (A previous article on Aspartame was titled “Why Do You Use Aspartame?” You can catch up on Aspartame’s older sister, saccharine, here.)

Now, 6 Reasons to Stay Away From Sugar (5 Reasons to Stay Away from Sugar + One)

    • When tasting sugar, the brain lights up in the same regions as it would in an alcoholic with a bottle of gin. Dopamine-the so-called reward chemical-spikes and reinforces the desire to have more. (Sugar also fuels the calming hormone serotonin.)
    • “Artificial sweeteners travel to the part of the brain associated with desire but not to the part responsible for reward,”
    • Research out of the University of California, Los Angeles, suggests that sugar forms free radicals in the brain’s membrane and compromises nerve cells’ ability to communicate.
    • Sugar causes premature aging
    • Muscles need sugar for fuel…. But: fruit or prepackaged snacks touting “natural sweeteners” contain just fructose, which is metabolized in the liver, not the muscles
    • Our results suggest that higher glucose levels may be a risk factor for dementia, even among persons without diabetes (Funded by the National Institute of Health)


Expansion of sugar consumption in America is clearly a contributor to obesity, and now the AMA is recognizing obesity as a disease. Instead of waiting for treatment for obesity, we might want to look toward the 6 Reasons to Stay Away From Sugar, listed above.


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