Sugar Threw Tobacco Under The Bus

30 Oct

When you think about it, the tobacco industry is dwarfed by the food industry. If you were “Industry in America” and needed to choose between throwing sugar under the bus, or tobacco under the bus, which would you choose? The clear parallel in the business models between these two industries is becoming more and more clear, but the tobacco industry is no longer operating as “business as usual” due to the financial penalties they have been saddled with.

Evidence of the effects of sugar on the human diet has been around for years. In the early ’70s, John Yudkin wrote “Pure White and Deadly“. Although it is, even today, very sound evidence of the risk that sugar has to human health, it was met with an aggressive attack by The McGovern Report, and Ancel Keyes that resulted in the promotion of a low fat and low cholesterol diet. That low fat and cholesterol lowering diet has garnered billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry (statins) and allowed the food industry to substitute sugar for fat, in the name of public health.

Adding to the misuse and abuse of sugar in the US, recently it was revealed in the Columbus Dispatch how much active involvement the government has in the subsidizing of the sugar industry. The increased cost of sugar in the US not only increases the profits for the sugar manufacturers, but forces candy making jobs to foreign countries where sugar is cheaper.

You can read more about sugar In Michael Moss’ book, Salt Sugar Fat, or at Why Do You Use Sugar?


2 Responses to “Sugar Threw Tobacco Under The Bus”

  1. steve September 16, 2015 at 1:42 am #

    by the way tobacco had been subsidized until recently as well as sugar
    protect the health safety and welfare? really to what end? what degree?
    do we not tax crude oil and subsidize it as well? confused? I am
    if a free country one should be free to abuse one’s own body and pay the consequences
    of course education comes to mind and that is harder to come by than sugar tobacco and other things that will do your body harm if abused
    its a good idea to be curious and seek knowledge so to avoid what is harmful
    but government is not and cannot be the moderator and dictator to protect you from everything…it is your responsibility and that of your parents to teach you
    moderation perhaps is best for eating living and doing
    white bread and similar is so close to sugar to offer little if any difference..add that?

    • Dave September 16, 2015 at 1:45 pm #

      The point being made is simply that there is a pattern of deception, where the health aspects of foods, in this case tobacco and sugar, are masked. Not only are there lies wrapped around the sales aspect, but the government is compliant in withholding the truth.

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