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Amphibians Dying Off

25 May

Amphibians are dying off at an increasing rate.

For people who study this issue, this is no news. Ever since the first anecdotal reports in the 1980’s occurred about declining frogs populations, the trend has continued. Causes are varied from the obvious loss of habitat from population expansion to a new fungus.

Red Costa Rican FrogIn Costa Rica last year I did see some very small, beautiful frogs. But in reality, nowhere in the world has the amphibian population decline been so evident.

As amphibians spend part of their time in water, and part of their time on land, their decline is an indicator of the quality of their environment. After being on the planet for 350 million years, their survival is now at stake.

There are still frogs on the golf courses in Ohio, but a very new study on amphibian populations in the US confirms the worldwide decline.