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The World of Plants

15 Sep

A good video on the position plants take in affecting our health can now be found in The Numen Film. The “Healing Power of Plants” is what 80% of the humans on this planet use routinely when faced with health problems. While the US ranks #38 in the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked health systems, it ranks #1 in cost.

In a previous blog, I discussed The Flexner Report. “Flexner sounded the death knell for the for-profit proprietary medical schools in America.” The Flexner report was the death knell for homeopathy in the US, yet a report from the Milken Institute in 2007 shows what the financial differential is between a more homeopathic solution (avoidable treatment costs) and the actual costs (Output losses).

The negative impact of processed foods, environmental chemicals, and genetically modified foods on our health cannot be overstated. The Numen Film brings together several experts on the subject highlighting the reality that over the history of humanity, plants have always been and will continue to define our health.


The Flexner Report

29 Jul

In the 19th century, and probably before then, there were two camps within the medical community. There were those who promoted the use of herbs and natural solutions (homeopathy) to ailments and those that thought it better to use pharmacologically active agents (allopathic) in obtaining a treatment or cure. Although there are still people that fall into each camp today, their visibility is not as transparent as it was even into the 20th Century. This is due, in thanks, to The Flexner Report of 1910.

    “Flexner sounded the death knell for the for-profit proprietary medical schools in America.”

At the time, the for-profit proprietary medical schools in America were all homeopathic. The Flexner Report single handedly replaced homeopathy in America with allopathic, and removed the dialogue that had before then distinguished between the two. In effect, The Flexner Report replaced the for-profit, homeopathic medical schools in America with the for-profit allopathic medical schools we have today.