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Glyphosate You Say? How About Roundup?

20 May

Glyphosate (Roundup) is the most widely used herbicide on the planet. It was initially used as a broad spectrum herbicide to kill weeds and other plants that threatened crops. The use of Glyphosate mushroomed when genetically modified seeds whose crops were resistant to glyphosate were introduced.

The benefits seemed to outweigh any side effects at the time. The originator of the product says Roundup is only “minimally” toxic to humans, after all. Glyphosate was introduced in the 1970’s. Its patent expired in 2000. Today it is more widely used than ever, and its impact on the environment and mammals is becoming more and more apparent.

Now that Superweeds (naturally developed) have become an issue, the chemical companies are developing another herbicide to replace glyphosate. And, of course, there is another batch of genetically modified seeds that will be resistant to the new herbicide.

Roundup has now been around for 30+ years and we are in the information era. The potential impact of this herbicide may no longer be easy to ignore. Below are some highlights :

–          Glyphosate is potentially teratogenic – i.e. causing fetal malformations.

–          Glyphosate may be responsible for many chronic illnesses as it attacks the gut bacteria in your stomach.

–          Dr. Nancy Swanson study relating glyphosate to chronic illness in the US.

Europe is more in front of this issue than the US. And as everything on the internet, use some common sense in reviewing the information from these links. Be informed and aware of the issues with the prolific use of glyphosate, aka Roundup.