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Some High Paying Jobs in the US

5 Aug

If you’re looking to get into a high paying job in the US, you might want to consider becoming a broker of artificial hips. A recent article about a man in need of an artificial hip appeared in the New York Times. The list price for the hip, without a mark-up (list price – yea), was $13,000.

An artificial hip, however, costs only about $350 to manufacture in the United States

In the case of the artificial hip, with a cost of $350, and a resale of $13,000, that is a whopping 96% gross profit%, or a gross profit$ of $12,550. In the US last year, there were 332 hip replacements. If you multiply the 332 times the $12,550 per hip, you get $4.1M.

In the NYT article, that hip replacement quoted to the patient in the US at $13,000 was eventually performed in Europe at a total cost of $13,660. That $13,660 not only included the hip, but “all doctors’ fees, operating room charges, crutches, medicine, a hospital room for five days, a week in rehab and a round-trip ticket from America.”

The bottom line of all the above is if you can get anywhere within the economic food chain that is the US Healthcare industry, you can make a fortune. And, if you want the same healthcare, you can get it outside of the country at a fraction of the price paid domestically.

Companies and Corporations obviously pay their employees using operating profits from their businesses. One only needs to look at the profit margins and average sales per employee to understand where the high paying jobs are located. Examples of a few companies/ organizations are listed below:

Company Example
Official Profit Margin
# of Employees
Gross average Sales per Employee
Average Income per Employee
US Dept. of Defense
Goldman Sachs
Dollar General