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ObamaCare Impact on US Healthcare

30 Sep

It is clear that the intention of The Affordable Healthcare Act, for better or worse, is to bring healthcare services to more Americans. It is done through engaging more Americans into the healthcare system through the use of insurance companies and “exchanges“. It will be considered a success if everyone in the US has access to healthcare services. The AHA does not directly address the cost of that healthcare, nor the quality.

Given the direction that the US has taken (by choice), we can expect to see further increases in the cost of healthcare and no progress in terms of improving the quality of health, unless each individual takes responsibility for their own health. That personal responsibility, of course, is not a part of the AHA/ ObamaCare Program.

It would have been nice to see the US look at other countries’ healthcare programs and learn from them. The healthcare providers in the US are the best qualified to determine the treatment and healthcare to individuals, and should be empowered to do their job without the intervention of some “intermediary”.

Other countries in the world, with much more efficient healthcare delivery systems were not used as “best case comparisons”.

    “the world’s richest country spends more of its money on health care while getting less than almost every other nation in return.”

There are flaws in the existing AHA that need to be addressed. Hopefully there will be improvements made during the implementation process. Meanwhile, for your best health outcomes, a little individual responsibility goes a long way.


Obesity Now Considered a Disease – Industry vs Obamacare

9 Jul

In Michael Moss’ book, Salt Sugar Fat, the methodology of the food industry to create food that tastes good is explored. Unfortunately, what tastes good, and especially those things that we are compelled to eat in quantity are not good for our health. Those good tasting ingredients in the book title, usually result in an increase in weight that leads to obesity.

To claim that obesity is a disease, as the AMA now has determined, is misleading. Lung cancer is a disease that can kill you. Obesity is more of a leading indicator of heart disease, which can kill you.

What we should expect to see is a push by Obamacare to focus on counseling for obese patients. We should not expect to see the food industry create products that are filling, inexpensive, and healthy. A start-up company may introduce an effective solution, with Soylent.

What may be on the horizon is the association of obesity to popular food products, with a result similar to the association of cigarettes and lung cancer. The result would be the struggle between the food industry and Obamacare, or whatever it may be called in the future.