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American Media

11 Jun

An article in The Atlantic discusses errors in American journalism based on various causes. The number one cause of errors in American journalism comes from “excessive deference to government officials“.

“Thus far, I’ve argued that excessive deference to government officials, sending lots of journalists to cover the same unimportant events, flaws in TV as a news medium, a society that undervalues watchdog journalism, incentives to cheerlead in the business press, the inadequacy of our most influential strain of media criticism, and the fact that no one coordinates coverage all play a part.” 

During this last week a milestone was reached on YouTube for another source of news, the RT Channel (RT.com). What was called Russia Today, had over 1 Billion YouTube views.

Fresh perspectives outside your home country can help shed light on issues within your own country. This is no doubt a reason for the success of RT.com. Another possible factor for RT.com’s success is from Max Keiser, a former stock broker/ comic. He reminds me of Gilbert Godfrey.