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Communism Marketed to the Masses

27 Oct

It’s possible as the Globalists and the Patriots around the world face off, times are about to change. It’s hard to not recognize, or acknowledge that the Globalists represent a very small group of individuals. These people demonstrate on a daily basis their intolerance for individual rights, personal freedoms, natural science, or any rule of law. The Patriots on the other side recognize many things, including personal property rights and the rule of law.

The bankers as I write, are in the process of using their powers to close any competition to their stranglehold on humanity. They are offering up banks around the world the option to either agree to implement “green climate control” initiatives, or be taken out of existence. The consequence of which would mean that anyone wishing to enjoy personal freedoms would be taken out of existence, or resort to other forms of barter.

These “green climate control” initiatives are designed to control individual freedoms, and extract taxes from the individuals to fund an unelected bureaucracy. Of note, they are only targeted at rich countries, who are not the primary contributors of CO2, and none of the major contributors of CO2 are targeted countries.

Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids

There is an active effort to control our civilization. Always has been you’d say. Always will be you’d say. I proffer up that it was never that way, nor was it ever meant to be that way.

A small group of people, perhaps like a cancer on society, developed a shrewd method of turning man’s character against it as a tool for personal gain.

Their Objectives:

  1. Control the method of commerce between individuals to ensure that productivity is diminished and corruption has a firm footing.
  2. Implement a banking system that by design, prohibits the ability of any individual to accumulate and maintain wealth, as the interest on any debt cannot ever be repaid.
  3. Bribe and blackmail politicians, incentivizing them by financial rewards and the threat of exposure to support that banking system.
  4. Control the media so that any communication of the activities of the banking system is suppressed, hidden, obfuscated, or eliminated from any digital footprint.
  5. Take over any and all forms of education to promote atheism, promiscuity, gender diversification, and the decimation of the family.

In so doing, that small group would control the world.

Regardless of the positive spin that the media adopts, the fruits of their activities speak much louder. Through their efforts towards globalism, they demonstrate a cancerous desire for control over civilization through every aspect of human thought. It is hard to find anything of value in their system. Everything about it is an affront to inherent conscience. It can only become acceptable to the majority through deception.

If you have to lie about the motives of your philosophy in order to get people to adopt your philosophy, then your philosophy must be dangerously incomplete or outright cataclysmic.