GeoEngineering The Planet

19 Oct

One of the greatest subjects not being discussed in the world, and certainly not here in the US, is the subject of geoengineering.

I seem to have recalled the subject of “cloud seeding” even as a child. What came to mind was the TV series Sky King. Looking back on it today, through the miracle of the internet, I come to find the show name of “Rainmaker”. How about that? In 1956, Sky King comes to the rescue of an Indian medicine man threatened with who knows what, if he could not produce rain. With the help of local weathermen, Sky King released silver iodide into the air and saved the day. Although this was a fictional story, it was based on activities going on at that time. Ref : The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control


Fast forwarding to 2014, 58 years after this Sky King episode, most people would know nothing about the topic. Here in the US, the effective reduction in knowledge throughout the population has been extraordinary and effective over the years.

“Dumbness, to paraphrase the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has been steadily defined downward for several decades, by a combination of heretofore irresistible forces. These include the triumph of video culture over print culture; a disjunction between Americans’ rising level of formal education and their shaky grasp of basic geography, science and history; and the fusion of anti-rationalism with anti-intellectualism.” Ref: The Age of American Unreason

But, as time marched on, so did the evolution of technology. Research continued around the world and as the subject of global warming became more prevalent, the possible implementation of such processes gained momentum.

What we know today :

  1. Particles in the atmosphere provide a barrier from the heat of the sun. For some people this seems intuitive, but for a more in depth analysis we can turn to a BBC Horizon production entitled “Global Dimming”.
    1. A scientist studying the impact of vapor trails on climate realized in the days following 9/11, the US average temperature went up as a result of the aircraft ban. This 1 degree increase over 3 days was statistically significant.
    2. Another scientist compared measurements taken during the 1950’s with measurements taken in the 1980’s and found a 22% reduction in solar energy hitting the earth’s surface.
    3. Farmers using pans of water to measure evaporation rates found in the 1990’s that the evaporation rates were declining despite increases in temperature. This was due to the fact that evaporation is more impacted by sunlight hitting the water than the actual air temperature.
    4. The “Global Dimming” was found to be attributed to air pollution. Therefore, areas of the planet that contained more air pollution were “cooler”. And areas with less air pollution were warmer.
  2. Despite Global Dimming, the average temperature of the planet has been increasing over the last 100 years. Interactive map below courtesy of NASA.


It is not clear what activities are being pursued around the world to implement geoengineering activities. There is a YouTube video on geoengineering from the Open Mind Conference 2012 that goes into both the technical aspects and the health aspects of chemicals in the atmosphere. A whistle blower from the US Air Force is telling her story, and one of the most visible and vocal experts on the subject is working to protect his integrity. The forces at work to keep dumbing down the public are doing their very best to discredit these sources and keep the topic off the table for public discussion.

Other references :

Ted Discussion on “Cloud Seeding” :

New York Times : Geoengineering : Our Last Hope or a False Promise?

Staying the Course


One Response to “GeoEngineering The Planet”

  1. steve September 16, 2015 at 1:28 am #

    open comments and thoughts for discussion:

    a. how many locations scientifically tested? peer reviewed? one time event? certainly one must conclude that MAN causes weather change? really? although in very small areas pollution by man is evident [LA for example] but those areas equate to entire earth and man’s ability to modify its weather??? today’s quantum computer cannot handle yet all the variables known, and yet to be known, in order to model the earths weather…just a lot of guessing going on put into ‘scientific’ correlation that should not be called ‘causation’; when scientists will have the tools and ability, but today some observations over a very short time for weather patterns aimed to trend similar to what takes place over hundreds of thousands of years…[with variables only partly known and understood] is man causing earth weather change…draw your own conclusions
    b. reduction 22% in solar energy hitting the earth! really? would we then be in an ICE age? but the earth said to be overly warmed by man??? lost for words!
    c. farmers…: is it vapor pressure drive [net delta] that evaporates water into water vapor? is it sunlight that warms the water in the pan [perhaps it is the pan that warms and then warms the water hence increasing vapor pressure delta?
    it is dangerous to draw a conclusion [causation] from a correlation
    d. what? the entire earth? confused: water vapor is the primary dimming event, so how does man cause the entire earth to be dimming? one can say, NASA has be flying around the world for 100 years? and we ‘know’ what or why the earth has been warming over the past 100 years? lost for words!

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